Quick post today!


Thought of sharing a few pictures of my home. Favourite places and corners!!

This is the entrance which has a huge glass painting made by me.


The living area..

On the wall is a 50 year old applique work which was hand-stitched by my maternal Grandmother(So that’s where we inherited the liking for Art). The sofas have batic print covers which were made by Amma(my Mother) around 10 years back.


Here’s one of the Glass display units with Amma’s favourite crockery and crystals on one side. The other has handmade ceramic trees(Amma made those trees too).


A set of corner shelves on one side of the living area has a Decoupaged pot which was made by Amma, a Gitopadesha which is carved in sandalwood(bought) and a bouquet of satin roses which was again made by Amma. All these are around 10 years old! phew!!


We love flowers and arrangements like these look lovely! Here’s a terracotta urli with water, a drop of rose water(Eucalyptus can also be used) and a flower to float. Amma makes these crochet Doilies too!!


That’s our dining area..

At the extreme left is a Batic wall hanging (Amma made that). That portrait of my paternal grandparents (which I had made recently) has been put up.


This is one of the rooms. Do note Amma’s work with the needle on the bed spread which has been completed using the Herring bone stitch.



A close up of Her work.. The first two are oil paints on glass and third one is using glass paints. Well I learnt glass painting from Her.



This one is Amma’s favourite corner. This is where she sits and embroiders and also makes those lovely crochet earrings. We have a colourful collage of three frames here. The uppermost left frame is a mughal painting which has been done with powdered gemstones, the one below is Phad Art which was hand painted by my Aunt Supriya and the huge mirror on the right is a huge wooden Benaras Frame.

Amma had taught me fabric painting and nib painting way back in the year 2000. She got those paintings stitched into cushion covers so that they fit in here.



We love these Urlis! I wanted a closeup of the Urli with Amma’s Crochet Doily.


Here’s the place where I have put up my handmade Jharoka! Looks lovely. Doesn’t it? Don’t forget to note the string of lovely ceramic mugs hanging on the left! These were sent across by a lovely lady from Romania. Mrs. Faiza, I intend to try making these one day.


Here’s the other room..

The bouquet on the left was made by Amma 🙂



On the left is a Parthasarathy which Amma embossed in aluminium. Now you know who is more into Art 😉

And we love these corner shelves. They don’t eat too much space! A Warli pot (Had to be there.. this was what I started off with) that I made around 10 years back, the second shelf is where I display my latest art (The one on display is Meenakari) till I get bored of it and that’ where I sit and make these blog posts!




Which are your favorite corners at Home?


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