Its been a while since I updated this space. And well.. I have been upto pretty much things. Leaf painting is something new that I’ve got my hands into.

“Simple, traditional and.. WOW!!” sums it all up.

The leaves may be prepared by leaving them to dry in between pages of a book. There is this method that I read a few days back.. www.icreativeideas.com/diy-colorful-skeleton-leaves

I have used Acrylic and oil paints to complete a variety of these paintings on the pipal leaf. It could be sceneries, elephants, camels, Gods and Goddesses, portraits!!

Leaf painting- Simple Madhubani design
Airavat. An Elephant from Indian mythology. This one has been done with Oil
LF2 copy
Leaf painting- Balaji
Leaf painting- Camel
Portrait of Shirdi Sai on leaf
First Ganesha painted on leaf
LF1 copy
Leaf painting – Ganesha
The latest leaf painting! Ganesha

There would be more coming up!! 🙂 And you would find all of these in the LEAF PAINTING album on my FACEBOOK PAGE.


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