“Wicked witches in the east,

Wicked witches in the west,

Which is what the hitch is, which is,

Which wicked witch, is which?”

Sat down to make a mask to go with my witch costume. Hobby Ideas has this range of DIY kits to make masks! Here’s how you can hide your identity.. and reveal your talent and personality by using these masquerade kits!!


I picked up a mask parade kit from Hobby ideas. The kit contains, 4 plastic masks, a set of paints, a brush, ribbon for tying and an instruction manual to help you work with the kit. Apart from this, I have a short tutorial on the website to help you work with these masks.


You could also make a Witch Wand to carry along while being dressed up as a witch.



MAD EYE MOODY a hand painted eye ball to use as a Halloween accessory

OWL ACCESSORY a clay owl accessory which can be used as a pendant.


Do share pics if you make something!



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